It does not receive any information from the users and downloaders of the applications, and all the information that is requested from the users within the applications is agreed upon by the users and the developers of the application, and Kiamds does not interfere in it.


Kiamdes is the sole publisher of that application or other digital product for public use and related websites and intermediary websites.


Kiamers also has no involvement in the core of software and applications or other digital items, and only receives promo codes from the relevant websites after the initial release and puts them back in the application developers.


With a separate contract, Kiamdes sometimes pays the producers according to the contract.


The field of interest of Kiamdes and its managers in more applications is more of a source of more educational medical structure, information and scientific games, or cases that are aimed at improving the quality of human life or their health.


Kiamdes announces its readiness to publish and also agree on the production of various software and applications.